About Lafavb Lighting

One of my first memories is of my mother changing a light bulb. I remember asking why it had stopped working. “They burn out all the time,” she said. Replacing them was just another chore to do.

I remember how excited I was the first time I changed a light bulb by myself. It made me feel like I was starting to grow up.

Flashlights during that era encountered the same issue. If the batteries weren’t dying, the little filaments in the light bulbs that gave light would burn out and require replacement. Changing those tiny bulbs wasn’t as fun as the bigger ones at home.

As the years have passed, developments in LED technologies have improved indoor and outdoor illumination. With unprecedented color options, lifespan guarantees, and product styles, diode-based products are available for nearly any situation.

What makes lighting and illumination unique is that they provide a one-size-fits-all and a 100% customized solution simultaneously. We know what to expect when flipping a switch or activating a dimmer, but the results rely on the specific needs of each environment.

Here at Lafavb Lighting, we appreciate the interwoven complexity and simplicity of modern lighting. We focus on LEDs because they are the future. With an environmentally preferred design, intelligent features, and multiple shapes and sizes, this technology helps us solve our lighting requirements in unique ways.

My kids don’t see me changing light bulbs as often, but I make sure they get to help with that chore when they do.

Together, we can help the world shine brighter each day!