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  • Background of LED Light Bulbs

    The first LED was invented in 1961 by Gary Pittman and Robert Biard as part of their duties for Texas Instruments. Their employment looked at the technology, determined it didn’t have a practical use because of its microscopic size, and moved on toward other projects. A year later, Nick Holonyak, Jr. invented the first LED […]

  • Bright White Vs. Daylight

    If you want to improve the look of your house, you should consider getting a good lighting. It will make your house look more inviting, and it will also make you feel better when you are in it. Keep in mind that the best way to have a good house lighting is to have the […]

  • What are LED Downlights

    LED downlights are a versatile light source for homes. They are designed to sit flush with ceiling and they are suitable for virtually any room, including living room, bathroom, kitchen, and more. Because of their increased popularity, there is a huge variety of LED downlights available on the market. This makes it challenging to choose […]

  • Who Are the Top LED Lighting Manufacturers?

    The global LED market continues growing to create more illumination options for consumers than ever before. As prices decrease while manufacturing processes streamline, more people than ever are interested in this solution for multiple needs. Since 2000, LED lights have quickly advanced as viable replacements for fluorescent and incandescent light sources. That result is possible […]

  • How Long Do LED Lights Last?

    When an LED says that it has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours, what does that actually mean? Is that information even accurate? In 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy published a report that looked at the specifics of LED failure. Their research found that several problems with manufacturer claims existed, including the fact that […]